2007 "10 courses up"



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Well we got 10 courses up this summer. We started the walls about the 15th of August. We had some little obstacles to hurtle over. Nothing major, just time consuming things. And of course the honey dew list, that must be done when I am home, (which is not as often as I would like it to be). Things like fire wood for the winter, renting a small excavator, about the size of a backhoe to rework some of the land, getting the logs to the building site with my 4wheeler before we started the build, among other things. But after about three weeks we were on the way. The first 3 courses my wife and I pulled up by hand. (It was the biggest logs of course!) This was not fun and I quickly came up with a way to use the 4wheeler. I chained a snatch block to the bottom of the lifting pole and ran the rope from the top block and tackles down the pole and out horizontally. (I know, I Know, I was suppose to use the old Buick from out back) I don't know where my head was, at that time, it must have been the testosterone or something in the water. We don't have a lot of room around the house site so this new work around, decreased the amount of pulling distance needed in half, rather than to pull the rope strait from the top blocks. Another hurtle was the way I had hung my double hooked blocks off the chains. (I made them myself from 2000 pound single snach blocks bought from Northern Tool.com) They wouldn't swing correctly from one wall to the other. Originally, I couldn't use one hook. Just by the way the blocks needed to be put together. I soon found out they were very inadequate for the larger bottom wall logs that I had, (29" butts). I needed to rework the blocks right from the start, lesson learned. "I learned a lot of lessons this summer". (There is a big learning curve when building a log house) They will all be reworked to have only one hook before we restart the build next summer. We used the Home Brew Borate Solution (equivalent to Boracare) on the logs so they should be ok, up on the wall until then. I would still be working on the house, but I work for FEMA and I was called out here to the CA fires to help out. And can't see myself getting home until February or March at the soonest. So the build is on hold until spring or summer of 08.