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UPDATE 11-23-2013



This is a long awaited update. The summer of 2011 we were going to start work on the log house about the end of July. We had decided to take a week, and take the kids to Six Flags in Massachusetts before starting the build again. We were into the fifth day and I got a call from work that I needed to respond to Hurricane Irene. So, off to work I go. Luckily it was a deployment to Vermont, my Home State. Cool, never been able to work in my home state before. This was going to be a good deployment because I was only an hour and a half from home. This allowed us to do some work on the house on weekends. Through the summer and fall of “2011” and the winter and spring of “2012”, we had been able to get some chinking done and most of the bucks and windows in. OK, August of “2012”. We rented a two man lift and we finally get started on the second part of the roof and we got all the 2”x12” rafter/stringers up, and then put in the two trapezoid windows in the sunset gable end wall. After all the stringers were up on the roof, it took another three weeks to put the isolation and plywood up. Now the “Grace” Ice and Water shield and the shingles took another three weeks. The rain was definitely a factor in the amount of time it took to complete this work. The weather was getting cold and funds were getting low. So, back to work I go. And I was still working until Sept. 2013. OK, lots to do, roofs is done, so, this year I rented an excavator and dug, and buried all the trenches for the well line, septic line, power line to the log house and got about 500’ of the 700’ driveway done. We had three Chinking Parties, started the downstairs interior wall framings, put in two more doors and the big 4’X 6’ picture window in the living room. We got all the cabinets into the kitchen, they are not all set or hung yet. Also we worked on finishing the insulation in the gable ends, to put up the backing for the wainscot. We were working on the chimney for the wood stove when I was called back to work. 11-19-2013. I really thought that we would be in this winter, but we will have to wait one more year, the summer of 2014. bummer. Well we hope all is well and all your projects go smoothly.