2006 "House Logs"



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We contacted the logger the first week in Jan 2006; he was working another logging job. (That sounded about right) He said that he would be done with this other cutting and could start the cutting in March. We spoke with the logger the first week in March. He was going to start our cutting mid March and should have all the logs ready to truck when the roads dry out sometime in April. We already have a Different Trucker in place for that window, to move the logs to our property. Because the loggers truck driver pulled out at the last minute, so we had to find a different Trucker. The house logs and some of the roof rafter logs are here! Well about 2/3rds of them anyway. We received the first load of logs end of July and the second load on the 6th of August, (far cry from April) to giving us a total of about 70 house logs. We will not get the third load until the spring of 07. Looks like that promise didn't hold water. So reluctantly, back to the day job I go, to get some more capital saved up and then we will do it all over again after the Winter, Spring and Mud season are over.