2005 "Guest House"



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In mid Jan. 2005 our Forest Manager found 50 red pine logs, these logs where a bit more pricier then I wanted to spend, but it was the first batch and we wanted to get this house started. They where right down the road from us and we had them delivered by mid Feb. 05. I am on the road most of the time with my job so my wife started the long and hard process of peeling the logs and peeled about 90% of them by herself. My wife is amazing. We have a friend "Bill" who says she is a Saint. The next batch should be easier to peel with all the info we have acquired on the techniques of spud peeling. We started the land improvements. We had about 700 feet of drainage ditches put in, roughed in 700 feet of driveway and leveled an area 75' X 75' about 500 feet back in the woods to start the build. We built the pier forms, had the pier holes dug, and poured. We had the four holes dug to buried the 4 corner lifting log to lift the house logs up onto the walls. Mid May, 2005 we were still looking for the additional 50+ pine logs we needed to get the log house walls started. You see, you need all the logs so you can catogorize them and put them on the wall from the biggest on the bottom to the smallest on the top. No luck anywhere, not for a reasonable price anyway. At the end of May we got a call from a part time logger, we'd contacted several months earlier, (we know summer cut is not the preferred time of year for cutting house logs) but, he found us some, 90+ red and white pine logs. They were just what we were looking for. He told us he didn't want to cut them unless we could take them all. He also said he had 60, 26' X 12" floor beams and roof rafters logs that we also needed. After we negotiated a good price ($60.00 for the wall logs), we agreed. He told us that he would get started cutting them very soon, in the next week or two. Yes, it looked like we were going to get the house walls built the summer of 05, cool. About mid June (three week later) we got a call from the logger, he told us he didn't want to start cutting the trees until we got a trucker in place for the transport. He never said anything about this before but, we said OK. We could not find a trucker to do the job anywhere. So, the logger finely found us a trucker about 3 weeks later. Now this is mid July. Well, then this logger stalled with one thing after another all summer long. He couldn't get his equipment to the site because the trucking company he used had some truck problems. Then he couldn't cut and drag because of too much rain, (it was a very wet summer) The last week in august the logger called, (this was another 4 weeks) he told us that his equipment is now ready to be delivered, but he had ONE more special project he needed to do for the boy scouts. Then he would be able to start cutting in about another week. (I am all for helping out the Boy Scouts, I was a scout and my boy is a scout, but this was getting ridicules.) Now this is the first week in September. (What happened to the last three months)? He said he'd have all the logs ready to be trucked in about five weeks. We told him that this was not acceptable; we couldn't be building this log house in the middle of a Vermont winter. Then he said that part of it was because we didn't communicate with him very well. We had called him every two or three weeks all summer, so that didn't fly with us very well. We didn't like the way he'd been stringing us along all summer. We told him we didn't think we wanted to do business with him, if this was going to happen next spring when we needed these logs. He assured us this was a very strange situation and he had a very good reputation as a logger, and he was very sorry for all the problems that had happened over the summer and would do everything in his power to get us the logs as soon as we needed them late winter of 06. Ok, NO more logs for the build in 05. We are tired of paying rent to a land lord. We needed to do something. Brain storm, now we could build a small log house using the existing logs that we have. (Yes, this would take us about, five + weeks we guessed) but the logs that we had wouldn't give us the dimensions that would work for a usable living area. So, we called around to see if we can find one of those portable saw mills. We find one that has two weeks of down time and he could fit us in. Excellent! So we cut up about 40 logs. We start making preparation (first week in September) for a new smaller build site closer to the road to keep the cost of the electrical run down. We call the well and septic guy's. We decided to build a small guest house out of dimensional lumber, (sorry guys "LHBA") (Got to do what ya got to do) it was the fastest way we could think of to build a small house. It is 16' X 24', and is about 500 sq ft. and we did it in 34 days, weathered in. We are contacting the logger soon, first week in January 2006 to start with a WINTER CUT for the rest of the logs. If we start now we might get them all by April. Ha, Ha. We have to acquire a few more things to complete the list for the finished build but we are confident and grateful to have the knowledge to complete the job.