2004 "The Class"



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I talked my wife into going to Washington State for the classes, booked a flight and took the class in the fall of 2004. I don't know if anyone remembers, but right before we took our fall 2004 class, all the airlines where having a price war on tickets and we got round trip tickets from (Hartford/Bradley International) to Seattle, Washington for $99.00, those were the days. After the class, we bought a 99 acre piece on the mountain above and adjacent to the 10 acres we already owned. We think a plus of buying this property is that is part of the Vermont Green Mountain National Forest. After buying the land, we did some more research and hired a Forest Manager to see if we could get it logged. It is 97% hard wood, beach, birch and maples. (Not too good for long straight logs for log house building). We started to gather materials for the build, insulation, windows, plywood, tools, cabinets, a free used trailer, ext...